How “Buy Now, Pay Later” is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Buy Now, Pay Later is a fast way to acquire anything thing from the market at your convenience. You purchase without necessarily paying upfront but instead settle the payment in installments over a given period.

Healthcare facilities may often find themselves with limited equipment or otherwise insufficient medical equipment to effectively save lives. There are multiple cases where medical facilities have to deal with this problem. So, how do they handle it? 

In such situations, Buy Now, Pay Later comes in handy. While it may seem too good to be true, Buy Now, Pay Later is just a mode of payment as any other, and there is no catch provided you make your payments on time.

How Does Buy Now, Pay Later Work?

There are various approaches to a practical Buy Now, Pay After agreement/understanding between two parties. The terms may vary, but the deployment procedure remains the same. When transacting under Buy Now, Pay Later conditions, goods get delivered first, then payment follows periodically or at once after a given period.

Advantages of The Buy Now, Pay Later

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPLs) has proven to be a better alternative to other payment solutions from various perspectives. For starters, unlike most common loans, which accumulate interest rates of up to 25% and above, with Buy Now, Pay Later, there are zero interest rates accrued on given amounts.

Additionally, most Buy Now, Pay Later options to require no credit cards from clients. This payment method reduces your anxiety about paying upfront. As long as you can pay for the remaining without defaulting, you should not worry about extra costs such as late fees.

Why Choose Lumiere32 For Your Go-To Buy Now, Pay After Solutions

Lumier32 is Singapore’s number one E-Wallet for Clinics and Medical Facilities, best known for its flexibility, ease of use, convenience, high-security standards, and favorable credit allowances of up to $50,000 worth.

Lumiere32 also offers the Pay32 E-wallet, which allows Dental and or Medical clinics to get small medical equipment and other essentials such as consumables without upfront, but instead, get a 90-day repayment grace period. Furthermore, no documents are required to apply, and the turnaround is, more or less, 24 hours. 
You can get Up to 90 Days of Payment Terms with Lumiere32’s Buy Now, Pay Later facility.

What Clinics Say About Lumiere32

Here is what a few doctors have to say about their experience with Lumiere32:

“Lumiere32 responses toward our incessant requests for quotations and products had always been marvelous. They have provided several recommendations that have served us even better than the products we were previously using,” said one Dr. Andrew who practices at a dental care facility.

Online shopping makes it easier for us to purchase our products. All the best to Lumiere32,” Commented Ms. Alni, charged with purchasing on behalf of her organization.

Generally, Lumiere32 is an efficient partner for your supply needs at any given time. Enjoy the best dental and medical equipment at cost-effective prices.

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