Best Deals in Singapore

Some of the best values – especially for those in the medical and dental professions can be found online.

Whether it’s masks, gloves, or artificial teeth, professionals in these fields can find all they need and more as well as exclusive discounts offered by B2B medical supply marketplace, the Singapore-based

The colorful and secure website offering 20,000-plus products, and more than 250 brands from 50-plus dental and medical suppliers, was founded in 2016. Its mission then as well as now is to offer the “best-in-class dental products, at cost-effective prices through superior customer service.”

Since its inception, the company has grown substantially and has been able to expand its product line to include a wide range of medical products.

“Our breakthrough service leverages best-of-breed IT infrastructure to guarantee convenience, great prices, and complete satisfaction to our customers,” the site promises.

And its numerous exclusive offers – as well as standard PPE and other everyday supplies – are always available such as these current items:

Alcohol Wipes

Assure alcohol disinfectant wet wipes, quantity of 100 are 20cm X 20cm and come individually wrapped and bagged. They are saturated with 70% Isopropyl alcohol and are suitable for all healthcare professionals to disinfect hospital equipment and surfaces. Each wipe has effective bactericidal action and kills 99.99% of germs.

Hand Sanitizer

A great item to stock up on is Konix Hand Disinfectant Gel, 70% Ethyl alcohol, now 46 percent off. Each 500mlX1 bottle is ($7.90each) and provides prevention from infection and a wide range of microorganisms. It’s a one-step waterless procedure requiring no rinsing, saving time and costs associated with using paper towels and water.

Contac Thermometer

If you need a non-contact thermometer the Contec non-contact forehead thermometer TP500 is currently 26 percent off ($89).


Lumiere32 also has a 10-pack of disposable isolation latex-free gowns now for 14 percent off. Features include Velcro neck, and waist, and back tie-on.

Dental Needs

For dental needs, there is a variety of exclusive offers currently on the site you might want to check out from electric toothbrushes to acrylic artificial teeth.

Electric Toothbrushes

Get 10 percent of all Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes, one of the best brush brands on the market for the brightest and healthiest smile.

Acrylic Artificial Teeth

Vivodent/Ivoclar acrylic artificial teeth – upper, lower, or anterior, are 30 percent off.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Zogear’s s Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner #CD4820  is suitable for long stomatologic tools and tubes. The strengthened radiator for the achievement of the maximum cleaning is also the main feature as well as a 5-modes timer.


Another Zogear exclusive offer currently on the site is the Stainless Steel Autoclavable Press Type Cotton Rolls Dispenser. It’s made of Stainless Steel and is suitable for two cotton rolls.

Quality Counts

You can’t go wrong when ordering from Lumiere32 as you will always get top-quality products at great prices.

The team strives to be the best in the business and believes its success is due to its commitment to excellent service across the healthcare spectrum.

There’s no reason to worry about standards either when taking advantage of the site’s exclusive offers or when stocking up on standard supplies. Lumiere32 ensures its sellers/dealers are backed by the expertise of entrepreneurs, dental and medical evangelists. It also adheres to stringent standards, follows best practices, and delivers high-quality dental and medical products every day.

So go ahead, order online what you need today for your dental or medical office by visiting the website to take advantage of the many exclusive offers at

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