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Industry watchers asserted that the current pandemic crisis could wholly change the clinical and dental practice sector. Not to mention, it could also change its role in healthcare systems globally. The bottom line is to maintain the momentum established during the pandemic.

At present, Malaysia is pushing on its medical and dental healthcare industry and we are seeing a greater demand for dental supplies that are not readily available due to supply chain disruption. To avoid the out – of stock situation, Malaysian Dental Clinics hence might lead to over-stocking of the dental supplies & materials.

Just like in other parts of the world, the future of healthcare in Malaysia is rapidly going digital. In Malaysia, according to Google & Temasek market study 2020-21, there has been 5X growth in the search trend for ‘online selling-related queries’. Lockdowns have primarily driven the significant increase observed.

It’s expected that people will continuously utilize digital clinics as a complementary component of their dental and medical care. Due to this growing need, Lumiere32 is now bringing that gap and has introduced its’ platform in Malaysia, wherein local dental and medical device suppliers can sell directly to more than 7000 healthcare professionals.

Dental professionals can procure high-quality dental supplies directly from multiple dealers, offering a wide range of products & discounts and getting those supplies delivered in 3-5 days.

With a secure online platform, a vast array of products, and a passionate team of staff, Lumiere32 has already become Singapore’s #1 dental supplies marketplace and now envisioning to provide a similar experience, high-quality products, and services to the Malaysian Dental fraternity. 

With a strong presence in Singapore market, when asked how are they going to create the same impact in Malaysia Market here is what Lumiere32 spokesperson said “In Q22021, we launched Lumiere32 in Malaysia, which is helping in connecting suppliers & healthcare professionals digitally but we realize how difficult it is to ‘manage inventory’ for all health care professionals and to solve this problem, Lumiere32 came up with one solution named as Pay32 Clinic, a cloud-based software that makes inventory data and vendor payments processing a not so time-consuming and complicated task to manage.

According to Lumiere32 Singapore Dental study, more than 75% of Clinics have been spending 6 Hours & more to manage & order Supplies in a week and 90% of Private Clinic Owners still writing more than 30 Cheques in a month to settle Vendor Payments.

So the question is how Pay32 Clinic can help you?

●         You can get digitized inventory data and vendor payments.

●         Straightforward tracking of product expiration dates

●         Optimize the inventory and control the bottom line seamlessly

●         Clinicians get to track vendor payments and acquire clear records.

And there is lot more to this.

Pay32 clinic is already helping a lot of clinics to go digital & they are also planning to launch Pay32 clinic in Malaysia by Q42021. Isn’t this an exciting news for all the Malaysian healthcare professionals? We are sure Pay32 Clinic is going to solve a lot of problems which clinics struggle to manage manually.

You can learn more about Pay32 Clinic here. If you wish to see a demo version of the software you can schedule a demo here.

Digitalize your clinical practice with 6 months Free Trial with PAY32 clinic and onboard with New Normal. (Note – Pay32 clinic is currently available in Singapore market only).

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