Sell on Lumiere32

At Lumiere32, we make it easy to sell medical supplies to manufacturers and medical professionals everywhere. Selling on Lumiere32 is an easy-to-use solution to help you expand your business to new markets and gain visibility for your brand. Our team of professionals makes it easy for you to connect your products with individuals that purchase medical and dental supplies. Our services can help your brand gain sales and exposure while receiving support from a credible online presence in the dental and medical supplies marketplace.

Our network of medical professionals are actively seeking new products every month. That’s why our goal is to establish a chain that fosters a relationship between manufacturers, medical professionals, and their suppliers. We work to make building these connections a seamless and easy process for everyone.

Some of the benefits of selling on Lumiere32 include:

Data and market insights for greater sales

With data and market insights, our team can scale your online presence and bring your business to new levels through data-driven digital marketing campaigns that are uniquely designed for your benefit. Our team of marketers are here to help you build and support your business online by solidifying a relationship with our buyers and helping you succeed.

Accessibility and exposure for your brand

Previous brands have been able to scale their business at incredible rates. Our marketplace can provide your business with the exposure and accessibility needed to do the same thing. With free listings and our digital marketing efforts, we can help you gain the exposure needed to help build your brand’s online presence and create a credible relationship with buyers.

Warehouse and logistical capabilities

We can provide you with the support needed to move products and drive sales by eliminating warehouse and logistical issues. Our team can work with you to find an approach that works for our buyers and your product. Our capabilities and skills can make it easier for you to drive business and scale your brand even faster.

Through selling on Lumiere32, companies have been able to bring their business to new heights and gain the brand recognition needed to grow long-lasting relationships between medical professionals, manufacturers, and suppliers.

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