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German Geratherm Bodystik full body plethysmograph

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The Bodystik optimizes patient comfort and procedures


The Bodystik full-body plethysmograph is designed with comfort in mind. Comfort of both, patients and users. Incorporating a sturdy swing-out-chair, patients with restricted mobility are able to access the box in comfortthis design also makes assisting patients with restricted mobility easier for the user.

The fully height adjustable arm is adjusted electronically via a simple and intuitive control panel, on the outside of the cabin, allowing for small adjustments even when the cabin door is closed. This compact electronic arm helps to increase the useable internal space of the Bodystik again adding to patient comfort.

The five large tempered safety glass windows of the Bodystik allow the patient a good view of the user during the test and so add to patient comfort under test conditions.

The large glass surfaces help to reduce non-compliance from patients who otherwise would not want to enter a body box. Patient, user Communication is via an intercom system with a microphone situated in the control panel and loudspeakers inside the Bodystik clear instructions can be given to the patient throughout the test procedure. 

The powerful BLUE CHERRY® software suite is enabled with functions that support the performance and control of breathing, thus the user is able to easily monitor and support the patient during testing. Bodystik optimises workflow and fits seamlessly into the daily clinical routines.

Full Body Plethysmography is widely considered the gold standard for Pulmonary function testing (PFT).

The Bodystik represents Geratherm Respiratory gold standard  PFT system allowing the measurement of respiratory resistance, lung volumes including residual volume as well as full spirometry and inspiratory expiratory pressure measurements.

Body plethysmography assists in the differential diagnosis of obstructive and restrictive lung diseases and can be important in identifying the cause of dyspnoea.


Easy cabin entry

The Geratherm Respiratory Bodystik followed a design process intent on improving the patient experience before, during and after the testing phase.

The cabin has been designed with an extremely low doorstep making cabin entry easier especially for elderly or infirm patients.

The unique Chair design swings out through 60 degrees to allow patients to sit down outside of the cabin and comfortably swing in for testing, a feature particularly useful for wheelchair users.

In an effort to make the Bodystik compatable with as many patients as possible both the chair and the measurement arm are both height adjustable, with the arm being adjustable during testing, from outside, without interrupting measurements.

The door is closed with the aid of electromagnetic locks, these can be opened from inside the cabin with a simple switch as well as outside and adding to patient security is the fact that the locks disengage automatically in the event of power failure.

Optimal patient care

The Bodystik is constructed from a sturdy aluminium framework ensuring stable reliable measurements and comfort is enhanced by ESD glazing on all sides as well as the top allowing a clear view of the surroundings and a bright comfortable feel to the interior.

The clear glazed panels allow clear visual communication, this goes hand in hand with the integrated intercom system allowing the patient to clearly hear the user’s instructions during the testing phase.

Quick quality control

As with all Geratherm Respiratory devices testing and analysis is controlled by the powerful BLUE CHERRY® pulmonary function software platform.

Special attention has been paid to the testing procedure for the Bodystik within BLUE CHERRY®, the software is able to help the user ensure a good test in line with ATS/ERS guidelines by displaying data for elements such as breathing frequency and exhalation time during the test manoeuvre.

BLUE CHERRY® and Bodystik also allow the user to create a predefined measurement sequence permitting repetitions or multiple attempts of specific measurements, allowing the user to better focus on the patient.

These features coupled with the availability of on-screen instructions help to reduce test time and ensure reliable results.

Post-test BLUE CHERRY® is equipped with a powerful comparison and reporting suite, enabling the user to compare results of each test via a result overlay as well as comparing the measurement with ATS/ERS acceptability criteria to ensure sufficient patient cooperation.

The Bodystik can be enhanced with the addition of the optional Geratherm Respiratory Difustik allowing lung diffusion (DLC) measurements to be performed within the Bodystik via the standard device arm.

The gas supply is fed directly to the patient via a demand valve and the integrated infrared gas analyser enables fast diffusion measurements to be made without moving the patient.

Further software options allow the measurement of MIP (Maximum Inspiratory Pressure) and MEP (Maximum Expiratory Pressure). MIPs and MEPs give important information about the respiratory drive, the respiratory muscles and the auxiliary respiratory muscles, this measurement allows investigation of neuromuscular disorders, such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

BLUE CHERRY® - The powerful diagnostic software

Geratherm Respiratory is continuously developing BLUE CHERRY® to encompass the latest clinical advances and to further improve its use with helpful new functions. Some features include

  • Integrated quality control and measures according to ATS/ERS guidelines
  • Interpretation algorithms and proprietary interpretation graphics for spirometry
  • Latest GLI predicted values (2012 and 2017) including Z-Scores
  • Individually configurable reports
  • Long-term trending and overlay of tests
  • User accounts with different authority levels
  • Optimised workflows through interfaces with HL7 or GDT to existing Hospital systems
  • Powerful reporting including .pdf export
  • Complex and safe network installations with a central SQL database

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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