What is an oxygen concentrator and how can it help COVID-19 patients?

Over the past year and a half, the pandemic has impacted the health and wellbeing of people on a global scale. By staying inside, diligently using hand sanitizer, and wearing a mask when outside, many have been able to avoid contracting the virus. But if you or someone you love has become sick with COVID-19, there’s a new portable respiratory device that can provide some relief and promote healing.

Oxygen concentrators are available for use at hospitals and medical clinics but the respiratory devices can also be purchased to use at home. The device removes nitrogen and other gasses from the air, providing users with purified oxygen to inhale. After filtering the surrounding air and compressing it to the desired and required density, it will then be delivered via pulse or continuous stream to the patient.

The respiratory device is most commonly used to deliver oxygen to people with breathing-related disorders like asthma, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), sleep apnea, and more. Individuals with these health issues often have low oxygen concentration in their blood.

Shortness of breath is a common COVID-19 symptom and it can last for months after the virus. COVID-19 can affect the entire respiratory tract, which includes the sinuses, throat, nose, windpipe, and lungs. This is why purified oxygen is absolutely essential for patients battling the aggressive virus.

Oxygen concentrators can provide those who are sick with an increased oxygen flow for respiratory support. Not only can it help COVID-19 patients feel better but it can also speed up the healing process and minimize any lasting respiratory issues.

Anybody can use an oxygen concentrator, despite their gender, age, or fitness level. The respiratory devices are portable and quiet, which means that they can be used while travelling in the car, at work, or at school.

Oxygen concentrators are easy to use, noninvasive, and are not uncomfortable to wear. The portable respiratory devices deliver the oxygen to the user through a nasal cannula (clear medical cord) that sits under the patient’s nostrils. Most cannulas loop over the patient’s ears so that they can be comfortable and move when needed. Some other oxygen concentrators deliver air through special masks. It’s extremely important to keep the oxygen delivery mask or nasal cannula clean.

The respiratory devices are often provided by doctors but they can also be purchased online, which is exceedingly convenient as we’re being encouraged to stay inside. If you’re struggling with shortness of breath associated with COVID-19 or another respiratory disorder, consider ordering an oxygen concentrator from Lumiere32, Singapore’s #1 B2B medical device platform.

After you order your oxygen concentrator, contact your doctor for instructions on how much oxygen you need per minute and when to use the machine. If you’re recovering from COVID-19, you may require more oxygen, more frequently compared to those with another respiratory disorder. Some individuals find it helpful to use their oxygen concentrator after exercising or while they sleep.

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