Impact of COVID-19 in India Lessened Through Supplement of Oxygen Concentrators

For many countries, the spring of 2021 offered a glimmer of hope for the future of a post-COVID-19 world. However, during the month of April and May, the pandemic reached its fatal height in India. The virus spread quickly across the country, and ravaged the population. Cases rose into the hundreds of thousands, with new daily cases exceeding 400,000 and nearly 4,000 daily deaths.

Several countries, including the U.S., Canada, and Singapore, have now restricted flights coming out of India. India itself has extended its ban on commercial passenger flights.

Concern is beginning to arise over the new COVID-19 variant B.1.617.2, which was first identified in India, and is spreading fast across the globe. The variant has become the dominant type in the U.K., and may delay the reopening of the country.

This variant is also responsible for growing reports of a black fungus. This fungus is developing in the lungs of some patients who have caught this latest strain of the virus. Though this black fungus is now being seen in other countries, the new condition has rapidly propagated across India. Some scientists believe this is because of a lack of drugs available in India to properly treat the fungus. The use of some steroids may also trigger the infection.

Despite the dire news coming out of India, cases have begun to drop significantly. Delhi is reporting only a fifth of the cases that it was during the peak of the pandemic just a few weeks ago. Though India still has a long road ahead, the country has begun to see some promising results.

This drop in cases and deaths has been successful in part due to the global community coming together. Nations and companies have joined together in aiding India during the height of the country’s second wave. A major concern for India was a lack of concentrated oxygen. This is vital for the survival of many COVID-19 patients that have been hospitalized within intensive care units. Many of India’s most well-equipped hospitals were running out of oxygen to supply the desperately needed ventilators. These ventilators were making the difference between life and death. In some instances, families of patients were seeking aid from outside India to help supply the country with the sorely needed oxygen. Fortunately, many across the globe answered the call to action.

One such organization that came to the need of an oxygen-deprived and desperate India was the company Lumiere32. Lumiere32, through its Oxygen for India campaign, has set out to help India by supplying the country with vital oxygen concentrators. In Lumiere32’s goal of helping the nation of India breathe freely again, the company is offering 10 and 5 litre high purity oxygen concentrators, as well as non-invasive ventilators, at a very reasonable price. Lumiere32 delivers these products directly to the buyer’s doorstep. These concentrators are equipped with:

  • Intelligent self-checking systems
  • Long lifespan molecular sieves
  • And operate with very low noise

To date, Lumiere32’s deliveries have saved over 6,000 lives, with over 1,500 oxygen concentrators delivered. You can check out Lumiere32’s oxygen concentrators and purchase one for the Oxygen for India campaign HERE.

Lumiere32 offers a 1-year warranty on all of its oxygen concentrators and ventilators. The medical supplies usually ship between 2 and 3 business days directly from Singapore or China. This means India is able to receive help from Lumiere32 as fast as possible.

Lumiere32 is a business-to-business medical supplies market. The company exports both dental and medical supplies to countries across the globe. They offer over 20,000 products from over 250 brands on their online marketplace platform. Lumiere32 is headquartered in Singapore, and was founded in early 2016. It has since grown from originally supplying dental products to now including a host of high-quality medical products. Lumiere32 has been proud of its ability to guarantee a smooth transition of the products it moves from its global buyers and sellers. An organization such as Lumiere32 was in the perfect position to offer aid during the oxygen crisis. Being able to move the most desired medical supplies quickly meant that Lumiere32 was able to supply much needed help to India.

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