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Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser Z71, 5 Liter, Per Can

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Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser is an anti-bacterial spray that kills 99.99% of germs and keeps surfaces protected.

Formulated with Zoono defence technology, which means that the surface spray is effective against pathogens such as H1N1, Norovirus, E coli, MRSA and Salmonella.

The defence technology also forms an anti-microbial layer of microscopic pins that bonds to the surface. The surface then prevents the development of superbugs and keeps surfaces hygienic for up to 30 days.  

Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser compliments your cleaning regime as an ongoing germ protection. Keeps surfaces clean for extended periods of time, even after normal activity and regular cleaning. Routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the Zoono defence technology.

As the all-purpose surface spray does not contain any harmful chemicals or alcohol, it is safe to use around children, plants and pets. Food safety approved in the UK.

Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser Spray is scientifically proven to kill 99.99% of germs and provides an anti-microbial layer that lasts up to extended periods of time.

The protection is guaranteed to inhibit the growth of bacteria and eliminate pathogens including H1N1, Norovirus, E Coli, and Salmonella. Like other Zoono products, the Microbe Shield Surface Spray was tested in a UK laboratory, and successfully passed its test against MERS, SARS (previous versions of Coronavirus), and the new virulent strain of Coronavirus, COVID-19. 

Ideal for extra long-term germ protection and does not wash off during cleaning procedures. Does not contain alcohol or other dangerous chemicals.

Food safety approved in UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand.

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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