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Voco Ufi Gel Hard C, Cartridge 80gm

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Ufi Gel Hard/C

Complete chair-side relining in only one appointment
Simple, time- and material-saving application from the cartridge
Quick and simple polishing
Durable, strong bond between the lining and the prosthetic material
No heat development during setting in the oral cavity, thus increased fitting accuracy
Shade stable and aesthetic

Cartridge 80 g, accessories

The indications
The indication spectrum covers all hard, permanent relinings of denture base-mucosa mounting incongruities in partial and total dentures as well as valve border changes, for which there is no expansive construction of denture border required. The adjustment is possible in layers over years with Ufi Gel hard/C.

The material

Ufi Gel hard/C is a polymethacrylate-based material similar to denture resin for permanent, hard relinings in only one appointment.

During the development of the hard relining material and optimum coordination of the ingredients, much attention was given to attaining a material with a neutral taste and smell as well as using non-allergenic ingredients

Ufi Gel hard/C is an MMA-free material. It contains an extremely small amount of monomethacrylate (< 3 % w/w), so that mucosa irritations or contact allergies do not occur. Furthermore, Ufi Gel hard/C does not develop an appreciable increase in temperature during polymerisation.

The simple presentation of Ufi Gel hard C in the cartridge guarantees a homogenous consistency as well as an absolutely bubble-free application of the relining material every time. The two separate delivery outlets of the cartridge prevent an inadvertent reaction of the cartridge contents.

The relining with Ufi Gel hard/C offers a quick and simple alternative to the laboratory relining. Through the direct impression, the relining with Ufi Gel hard/C is very precise and does not differ from a relining fabricated in a commercial laboratory in relation to hardness, handling and cleaning.

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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