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Cool and brighter light with no chance of tissue burning during long intubation procedures.

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KaWe Laryngoscope Set complete with:

  • rechargeable handle F.O. medium 3.5V (rechargeable in KaWe MedCharge® 4000 charging station, not incl.)
  • blades: Macintosh F.O. size 2 (112 mm Length and 19 mm distal width)
  • blades: Macintosh F.O. size 3 (130 mm Length and 22 mm distal width)
  • blades: Macintosh F.O. size 4 (155 mm Length and 25 mm distal width)
  • xenon bulbs for 3.5V handle C
  • packaged in case

Standard Macintosh F.O. blade

  • Blades with replaceable fibre optics
  • mat stainless steel - prevents back reflection
  • replaceable light guide
  • easy to clean
  • environmentally friendly and cost-effective
  • fibre optic illumination Ø 4 mm, 5500 single fibres minimum
  • brightness > 4,200 lux / at 2.5 V > 12,500 lux / at 3.5 V (measured at a distance of 35 mm from the light emission source)
  • can be treated in autoclave at up to 134°C - approx. 4000 times
  • in accordance with DIN ISO 7376

Comes with

  • 1 metal C-size battery handle

  • 3 Laryngoscope blades 2/3/4

  • hard case

The great KaWe quality guarantee

Whether during an operation or in an emergency, there is a race against time. In times like these, everything must run smoothly and everyone must know what they have to do. Above all, anaesthesiologists and doctors need instruments that they can rely on – instruments that are made for critical times like these. KaWe laryngoscopes offer the ideal solution: the most modern technology, the highest-quality standard – in the fibre optics, conventional or one-use range – KaWe offers one of the largest laryngoscope product lines worldwide!

More light. More sight.

The light source is one of the most important parts of a laryngoscope. Only when the anaesthesiologist, emergency doctor or emergency medical technician has an optimal view can the intubation be successful. This is important for the safety of both doctor and patient. KaWe has therefore developed lighting systems that improve the lighting conditions by 70%. This excellent illumination is backed by the modern fibre optics. 

Features of the fibre optic bunches:

  • high transmission degree within the complete visible wave length area
  • numerical aperture 0.64 (theoretical value at 587 nm)
  • excellent radiation properties
  • more than 4000 sterilization cycles in the autoclave at 134°C
  • 3500 / 5500 / 8000 single fibres minimum per blade type ensure optimal light emission

Features of the xenon lamp:

  • xenon lamp with a service life of more than 20 hours
  • the protective lamp cap made of metal ensures a longer service life of the xenon lamp

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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