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Veraview IC5 HD offers high speed, class-leading clarity, and low dose.

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Veraview IC5 HD offers high speed, class-leading clarity, and low dose.

Depending on the diagnostic need, this unit offers a 5.5 second panoramic for a quick examination at the lowest dose, or a 10 second scan for a more detailed, high resolution image.

Veraview IC5 HD is compact and lightweight. It offers fully automatic, simplified operation, CCD sensor technology, triple laser beams for easy positioning, and improved energy savings of up to 50%.

Fast scan times

For a quick examination, the high speed exposure takes only 5.5 seconds and therefore emits a very low dose. 

High resolution up to 96 μm

The 10-second scan offers improved definition of 96 µm for the ultimate high-definition image.

Class-leading image quality

DDAE controls the X-ray tube current (mA) simultaneously by detecting X-rays passing through the patient. This improves the dynamic range, and, along with Automatic Exposure (AE), results in exceptionally clear images with the best possible contrast and even density. The automatic exposure level can be adjusted to meet your individual requirements.

Pixel size is reduced by 25% compared with the former model, so it produces superior images of a higher resolution.

Quick and easy patient positioning with integrated triple laser beam alignment

Power-assisted lift makes patient positioning easier than ever. No need to set tube voltage and current.

Power-assisted movement

The motor-assisted lift system with slow-start and slow-stop functions provide easy and accurate height adjustment. The overload detector will automatically halt the elevation for patient safety.

Triple laser beam for easy positioning

Veraview IC5 HD utilizes three lasers that align the Frankfurt plane, the mid-sagittal plane and the image layer, making patient positioning very easy.



  Veraview IC5 HD
Model XDP1
Input voltage

AC100 V/115 V/120 V (Ex-1)
220 V/ 230 V/ 240 V (Ex-2)

X-ray head (DC Inverter)

  Veraview IC5 HD
Power consumption 0.85 kVA
Operating tube voltage 60 - 70 kV automatic control
Operating tube current 1 - 7.5 mA automatic control
Filament Preheated
Rectification Direct current


Oil cooling
Tube focal area 0.5 mm
Exposure time High-speed mode: 5.5 sec./192 μm
High-definition mode: 10 sec./96 μm

Light beams

Mid-sagittal plane, Frankfurt plane
Image layer light beam

Emission switch

Deadman type


Outer dimensions

  Veraview IC5 HD
Body dimension W 35“ x D 38¼“ x 92½“
(W 890 x D 970 x H 2350 mm)
Control box dimension W 4?“ x D 2?“ x H 4¾“
(W 125 x D 60 x H 120 mm)
Required installation area 8.7 sq. ft. (0.86 m²)
Weight approx. 242.5 lb. (110 kg)

Direct current for optimum efficiency and safety

Direct current produces high energy X-rays, thereby reducing the soft X-rays which are absorbed by the human body during the exposure. Also, the primary slit of Veraview IC5 HD is more narrow. The image has a wider image layer, providing greater detail.

Panoramic image programs

Standard panoramic (OPG 1,3)

Clear, sharp images with a wide image layer. The thick, specifically designed image layer accommodates all possible variations of dental arch shapes and sizes to produce extremely clear and sharp images.


Pedodontic panoramic at reduced radiation

For examinations of children or people with small jaws, the rotation range of the arm is diminished, thereby further reducing radiation exposure.


TMJ quadruple exposures: For open and closed condyle views

Four separate shots of condyle fit onto one image. In each case, two sets of rotation for left and right condyle head for open and closed condition.

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

Warranty: 2 years

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