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Roeko Gelatamp Resorbable Sterile Sponge (20pcs/Box) Blister Packaging

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Gelatamp is a gelatine sponge for the prophylaxis of wound infections and secondary bleeding after extractions.

Gelatamp contains colloidal silver and is therefore distinctly different from pure gelatine sponges.

The silver leads to a broad antibacterial effect over the entire absorption time and gives gelatamp its specific brown colour.

  • Rapid initial hemostasis
  • Stabilization of the coagulum
  • Broad bactericidal depot effect
  • Complete resorption

 Properties: Gelatamp is a haemostatically acting gelatine sponge to which 5 % colloidal silver is added.

It facilitates optimum wound treatment when applied to a surgical cavity and can be cut to the required size to fit smaller wound cavities.

The evenly porous foam structure absorbs its own weight in blood several times over, promotes thrombocyte aggregation due to the large surface and fills the wound cavity.

The plug thus formed has a constant volume, fits snugly and stabilises blood coagulum.

This prevents the formation of fissures and secondary cavities which, without Gelatamp, could form by contraction of the blood coagulum and trigger infection due to the invasion of contaminated saliva.

Callus formation is not hindered in this way. Impaired wound healing in larger surgical cavities is thus avoided.

Gelatamp remains in the wound and is completely absorbed within four weeks.

The addition of colloidal silver has an antimicrobial effect and does not develop resistance.

Unlike other potential antimicrobial additives, colloidal silver cannot be washed away from the sponge so that its insolubility produces a long-lasting depot effect.

Gelatamp is sold gamma-sterilised. 

Composition: One Gelatamp gelatine sponge (14 × 7 × 7 mm) contains:

Hardened gelatine Ph. Eur. 9.5 mg

Colloid silver Ph. Eur. 0.5 mg

Indications: The treatment of alveoli and wound cavities, e.g. after extractions, cystectomies, cystostomies, apical amputations, maxillary sinus perforations, following surgical removal of tumours or retained teeth Prevention of secondary cavity formation

Prophylaxis of wound infections Secondary haemorrhage prophylaxis As a dressing after gingivectomy In periodontopathic

Instructions for use: After opening a blister, Gelatamp is removed under aseptic conditions and is immediately ready for use.

The size of the small sponge can be adjusted to fit the wound cavity if need be, without squeezing.

Two Gelatamp plugs can be used for larger wounds.

The sponge is immediately placed dry and unsqueezed in the fresh, blood-filled wound cavity and should be allowed to absorb as much blood as possible (visual inspection).

The sponge must not protrude over the inner gingival margin so as not to adversely affect the desired epithelisation.

This constitutes definitive treatment of the alveolus and there is no need for subsequent rinsing. Sterility: Gelatamp is supplied gamma-sterilised.

The sterility of undamaged, unopened packs is guaranteed. Damaged packages should be discarded prior to use.

Given the antimicrobial effect of this product, the safe application is guaranteed until the product is used or up to the expiry date once the package had been opened, provided that Gelatamp is removed under aseptic conditions.

Contra-indications: Infected, secretory and purulent wounds; hypersensitivity to silver or gelatine.

Side effects: Recovery may be delayed if used incorrectly, especially in the case of contaminated alveolar spaces.

Interactions with other drugs: Concomitant application of alveolar pastes, wound plugs or other inserts and moistening with liquid substances or medication such as anionactive surfactants, antiseptics containing phenol, ethacridine lactate, dilute mineral acids and concentrated saline solutions can hinder wound recovery and should therefore be avoided.

Please avoid contact with hydrogen peroxide as this will bleach the sponge.

Storage instructions: Gelatamp possesses moisture-absorbing properties and must therefore be stored under dry conditions.

The package must be stored closed to ensure that it is protected from light. Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. The shelf life of Gelatamp is 3 years.

The product should no longer be used after the date on the packaging and blister. Unused sponges can be disposed of easily with biological waste and the blister packaging and cardboard box can be recycled. 

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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