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Blu-MousseĀ® - two 50ml cartridges (100ml ttl.) and mixing tips. Bite Registration Material

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Precision bite registration is only the beginning.

  • Exceptional accuracy.
  • Plaster-like hardness (90-durometer: Blu-Mousse® only).
  • Also available in peppermint scent (Blu-Mousse only).
  • Dependable, no-slump consistency.
  • Choice of three setting speeds (Blu-Mousse only).
  • Does it all from conventional bite registration techniques to modern-day digital impressions.

Just when you thought the uses for Parkell’s award-winning Blu-Mousse® were maxed out, there is one more to add to its credit—it's scannable!
For over twenty years, Blu-Mousse has been a favorite VPS material in dental offices world-wide. Originally intended as a bite registration material, Blu-Mousse has evolved into a VPS with a “can-do” attitude. It’s amazing the number of clinical applications this little dynamo truly has.

For example, it’s an ideal material for use as a matrix when fabricating both direct and indirect provisionals. Blu-Mousse, when used with our low-viscosity die silicone Mach-2®, has seen incredible success with the Laminar Flow/Closed Mouth impression technique. Furthermore, it functions as a fantastic rigid tray material for tray-free impressions or stabilizing plastic quadrant trays when partnered with low-viscosity VPS materials like Parkell’s Cinch™ Light or our premium VPS, SHARP™ Wash. Blu-Mousse sets to a super-stiff hardness registering a 90 durometer. You can even use it to create a base on a Mach-2 die model in under 6 minutes!

What else can Blu-Mousse do?
Well, it turns out that we can add scannability to Blu-Mousse’s achievements. Use it as a tooth-positioning index on a C-Stat Camera Stabilizer (CEREC® D). Create a scannable occlusal index for CEREC® and E4D systems that is incredibly accurate down to the most minute detail.
Of course, we’re proud to say that Blu-Mousse remains one of the most accurate, most stable bite registration materials in dentistry. And even though the versatility of Blu-Mousse seems limitless, it is still the light, fluffy VPS material we created it to be. With its whipped cream texture, it offers no resistance when a patient bites down, so it won’t trigger any reflexes that would affect the integrity of your bite registration.

Green-Mousse® is Scannable too!
Trying to get an accurate scan on a prep for a CEREC crown, but you can’t gain good access to the tooth with your camera? Use Green-Mousse! When you use Blu-Mousse’s slightly less rigid sibling (Green Mousse registers a 60-durometer) as a tray material with a scannable wash material, CAD/CAM software users will get an impression that will easily and accurately scan. It is a great alternative impression system that can be used in areas of the mouth that may be too difficult to capture an accurate intra-oral scan. Green Mousse’s added flexibility allows for easier removal of registrations or impressions in patients with extensive undercuts or 

Standard warranty covered by Lumiere32 against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg. 

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