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Economical instrument disinfectant for the manual reprocessing of medical and surgical instruments.

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Effective Spectrum / Exposure Times

Bactericidal 0.25% in 15 min.
Antibiotic-resistant bacteria 0.25% in 15 min.
Tuberculocidal 2% in 60 min.
  4% in 30 min.
  5% in 15 min.
Yeasticidal 0.25% in 15 min.
Coronavirus 0.25% in 15 min.
Hepatitis B virus 2% in 60 min.
  4% in 15 min.
Hepatitis C virus 0.5% in 5 min.
HIV 2% in 60 min.
  4% in 15 min.
Adenovirus 2% in 60 min.

Complies with the DGHM standard methods, EN 1040 and EN 1275. VAH/DGHM 

Your Benefits

  • Broad effective spectrum 
    Active against all bacteria including those causing tuberculosis, fungi and enveloped viruses such as HIV or Hepatitis B.
  • Suitable for use in ultrasonic cleaning devices 
    The cleansing power of the disinfectant can be further increased using an ultrasonic cleaning device.
  • Extremely economical to use 
    The disinfectant concentrate can be used as a 2% solution, which significantly reduces your disinfection expenses.
  • Powerful cleanser 
    The disinfectant's blend of high-quality tensides makes it a powerful cleanser. In most cases, no pre- or post-cleansing is required.
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors 
    The disinfectant contains highly effective corrosion inhibitors to guard against rusting.
  • Simple application 
    The bottle cap contains volume markings for 10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, and 40 ml.
  • Tested under high organic load 
    The disinfectant remains effective even in the presence of heavy organic contamination such as blood or other bodily fluids.
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness 
    The disinfectant is available in 5-litre canisters to reduce waste and offer better value for money.
  • Aldehyde-free 
    Disinfects instruments without prior cleansing, thus dramatically reducing the risk of infection as well as saving precious time.
  • Biodegradable 
    The product is biodegradable. The ready-to-use solution can be poured directly into the sewerage system.
  • No discoloration or fixation of blood
  • VAH-/DGHM-listed
  • Complies with European standards

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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