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Filtek™ Z350XT Universal Restorative, Body Shade, Refills. A high-performance, versatile nanocomposite. Excellent aesthetics for anterior restorations, strong enough for posterior restorations.

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Unsurpassed Esthetics:

  • Excellent polish and better polish retention than a microfill
  • Wide range of shades and opacities
  • Improved fluorescence

Simple to Use:

  • Expanded selection of Body shades
  • Color-coded by opacity
  • Bold, easy-to-read labels
  • Exceptional handling
  • Improved handling of Translucent shades


  • Wear resistance equivalent of Filtek™ Z350XT Universal Restorative
  • Radiopaque
  • Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior use


  • Direct anterior and posterior restorations (Classes I, II, III, IV and V)
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID)
  • Sandwich technique with glass ionomer resin material
  • Cusp buildup
  • Core buildup
  • Splinting
  • Indirect anterior and posterior restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers

"True" Nanotechnology

3M ESPE's unique nanofiller technology gives your restorations the best of strength and esthetics.

  • Our nanocomposite is built from individual and unique clusters of nanometer-sized particles which are chemically bound within the matrix
  • The nanoclusters shear at a rate similar to the wear of the surrounding resin matrix during abrasion
  • The result is a smoother surface for long-term polish retention.
Zircoia/Silica nanocluster

Zirconia/Silica nanocluster: 100,000X magnification

SEM: Dr. J. Perdigao,
University of Minnesota


Confidence that your anterior and posterior restorations will have a lasting, lifelike glossy appearance.

With competitive nanohybrids larger particles wear differently, impacting polish retention.

Filtek™ Supreme XTE Universal Restorative  Venus Universal Restorative  EsthetX HD Universal Restorative
(l to r) Filtek™ Z350XT Universal Restorative, Venus Universal Restorative, EsthetX HD Universal Restorative

Wear-resistance similar to enamel.

  • Wear-resistance equal to Filtek Supreme Plus Universal Restorative¹
  • In a 5-year clinical study, Filtek Supreme Plus restorative showed it wears like enamel²

¹ In vitro data on file
² Katholic University Leuven – In vivo clinical study

Wear Rate

Filtek™ Supreme Ultra wear resistance similar to enamel
Source: 3M ESPE internal data

Outstanding Strength

Filtek™ Supreme Ultra outstanding strength
Source: 3M ESPE internal data

Polish retention

This optical analysis compares the surfaces of Filtek™ Z350XT Universal Restorative (Dentin, Enamel, Body shade) and a leading nano-optimized composite (right) after toothbrush abrasion.

Filtek™  Z350XT Universal Restorative surface after toothbrush abrasion Leading nano-optimized composite surface after toothbrush abrasion
Source: 3M ESPE internal data

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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