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BRILLIANT EverGlow is a universal composite of the latest generation and a true all-round material

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The glow of the art

BRILLIANT EverGlow is a universal composite of the latest generation and a true all-round material. It has been developed with special focus on high, long-lasting gloss and shade aesthetics and handling convenience. The shade assortment comprises three opacities: 3 opaque masking shades, 7 universal Duo Shades suitable for single-shade restorations and 2 translucent shades for optional enamel imitation. Meeting highest requirements for “brilliant” anterior and posterior restorations, it is the ideal modern filling material:

  • Exceptional polishability and gloss retention
  • Aesthetic single-shade restorations with universal shades
  • Neat and clear shade spectrum of only 12 shades, offering an aesthetic and versatile system
  • Smooth consistency
  • Good wettability and low stickiness to the instrument
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High compressive strength
  • VITA based Duo Shade system

Aesthetic Single Shade Restorations:

BRILLIANT EverGlow harmoniously integrates into existing surroundings, with the application of a single shade already providing unerring highly aesthetic restorations. An additional enamel layer can often be dispensed with. Except in case of very young patients or when remodelling especially translucent incisal edges, can one resort to enamel shades. This was made possible by further developing the adaptive Duo Shade system of COLTENE. Due to its excellent optical blend-in properties, each shade covers two VITA* shades at the same time, resulting in A1/B1 or A2/B2, for example. The clear BRILLIANT EverGlow product range comprises of universal shades as well as two enamel shades: Translucent and Bleach Translucent.

  • Covers two VITA* shades with a single composite shade (Duo Shade system)
  • Only 9 shades to meet all requirements
  • Flexible, economical product range Smooth Consistency

Provides Ideal Handling:

Its smooth consistency and dimensional stability make BRILLIANT EverGlow a state-of-the-art filling material easy and convenient to apply in cavities. Elaborately modelled cusps, ledges and contact points remain intact and do not deform. High resistance of the composite to prolonged exposure to surgery lighting completes ideal handling. The smooth consistency and excellent wettability of BRILLIANT EverGlow make it ideal for cementing COMPONEER, the Direct Composite Veneering System by COLTENE.

Good Wettability on the Tooth Surface:

Due to its good wetting ability, BRILLIANT EverGlow offers excellent adhesion to bonded tooth surfaces rather than sticking to the instruments. This has also been confirmed in an international user survey: over 90% of participants rated the wetting properties as being very good or good.

Filler Technology – The Key to Brilliant Restorations:

The key to BRILLIANT EverGlow’s excellent polishability and high gloss retention lies in a sophisticated combination of submicron barium glass fillers, pre-polymerised fillers reinforcing the composite and an optimal surface treatment of all fillers to increase the bonding strength. The result is a state-of-the-art composite, serving a perfect mixture of handling convenience, mechanical strength and excellent scratch resistance for long-lasting aesthetics.


  • 1 x 3g syringe of Brilliant EverGlow

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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