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The SP-CLEO II is the second generation of our internationally acclaimed SP-CLEO series, a moniker for

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The SP-CLEO II is the second generation of our internationally acclaimed SP-CLEO series, a moniker for "Super Clean Operation." With its folding legrest chair and ultra-maneuverable doctor table and cuspidor, the SP-CLEO II was designed for an eclectic mix of treatments and for installation in the most spatially challenged locations with nay a compromise to usability or functionality. Of course, included is peace of mind, like another other Belmont product.


Owing to the folding legrest, in lieu of a counter type seat, and the base mounted doctor table, the overall length is significantly shorter than comparable units. The thoughtful design of the SP-CLEO II allows it to fit in a variety of layouts of dental clinics and offices.


Highly Controllable Doctor Table
Along with compactness is accessibility. The doctor table is highly adjustable and conducive to operation anywhere from 9 o'clock to 2 o'clock.


The cuspidor itself also swivels, making ample room for the doctor to stand at a 3 to 4 o'clock position, and allowing oral surgery and any other procedure that requires close proximity to the left side of the patient, such as tooth extraction.


Standard is a double articulating headrest, with an elongated post for taller patients. Flexible adjustments can be attributed to the twin axis system, which can be diversely positioned, downwards to comfortably seat children and the elderly, to


The low initial height of the chair makes it possible for the patient to sit with his or her feet flat on the floor, which is more pleasant than having feet dangle. The chair is capable of a 265mm stroke.


Seamless upholstery is easy to clean and stays clean, and is available in a variety of colors which is sure to match the decor of dental clinics and offices worldwide.


Holder type
The standard configuration of instrumentation is a holder type, with a place for four handpieces. A fifth handpiece can be mounted as an option.

Place Type
In lieu of the holder type, a place type is available.


E Type Control Panel
There are two varieties of the SP-CLEO II, one electric, the other air. The electric type comes with a LED display for displaying and changing settings, such as micromotor speeds and timer.

A Type Control Panel
The air type SP-CLEO II also comes with a full featured doctor table, with membrane switches that are easy to clean.


The porcelain cuspidor is rugged and can withstand years of use without chipping, cracking, or discoloration. The nozzles for the cup filler and bowl flush are detachable for simplified maintenance and cleanliness.


The assistant's handpieces are mounted on a balance arm that remains in any desired position, as the arm moves vertically and laterally, and the head swivels.


Standard is the 701 light, featuring a 4,200K color temperature at 28,000 lux. The light offers two additional brightness levels: 18,000 lux and a gcomposite safeh 8,000 lux. Optional are detachable, autoclavable handles and a mirror.

Optional Dental Lights
Two other lights are offered, with IO5000, with natural daylight 5,000K color temperature at 28,000 lux, and additionally, 22,000 lux and 15,000 lux brightness levels.
The IO5000TA also offers a 5,000K color temperature at 28,000 lux, plus a medium brightness level of 22,000 lux, and a composite safe 8,000 lux, along with a three axis rotation system, which allow the light head to move up/down, side to side, and rotate around.


  • CG2 Ivory

  • CG3 Light Gray

  • CG5 Black

  • CG8 Beige

  • CG15 Lime Green

  • CG16 Mauve

  • CG17 Saffron

  • CG18 Gray Teal

  • CG19 Blue

  • CG22 Light Pink

  • CG23 Light Green

  • MR1 Dark Blue

  • MR2 Purple

  • ES11 Chocolate

  • ES12 Bordeaux

  • ES14 Camel

  • ES16 Light Blue

  • ES18 Yellow Green

Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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