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The Sof-Lex Pre-Polishing Spiral (tan) is the first step in a two-step system.

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Pack (15). Sof-lex Pre Polishing Spirals (Beige)

The pre-polishing spiral (beige) smooths and removes scratches in restorations that develop during contouring and prepares the surface for high-gloss polishing.


- Imparts paste-like gloss in the convenience of a rubberised system

- Unique, flexible shape adapts to all tooth surfaces

- Fast and easy to use

- Multi-use, can be autoclaved and reused

- High, long-lasting gloss when used with Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative



• Composite restorations

• Resin-modified glass ionomers

• Bisacrylic temporary materials


• Composite

• 3M Lava Ultimate CAD/CAM Restorative

• Precious and semi-precious metal

Polish with diamonds. Skip the paste. 

Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System

How much time and effort do you spend creating beautiful smiles? Whether you currently use a rubberized finishing and polishing system or an intraoral diamond polish, the process can be time-consuming. And, even with your best effort, the gloss may not last. 3M has a simple solution for both problems, using two of our innovative technologies.

Restore with Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative. Unsurpassed esthetics is just one reason why doctors use this nanocomposite. Thanks to 3M’s true nanotechnology, it is easy to polish and offers unsurpassed polish retention. Polish with the Sof-Lex Diamond Polishing System. Forget the messy paste. Our pre-polishing spiral prepares the restoration for final gloss, while our diamond-impregnated polishing spiral gives your restorations that gorgeous paste-like gloss.

The system offers the convenience of a rubberized system while also adapting to all tooth surfaces. You’ll be happy to know that while the spirals are effective, they’re also kinder to gingival tissues*—and maintain the integrity and anatomy of your restorations! When patients leave your office smiling, you’ll marvel at how simple it’s become to create beautiful, natural-looking esthetics.







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Rubberized Spirals





Standard warranty covered by the seller against any manufacturing defect. In such events, please report to us within 7 days from the date of delivery at connect@lumiere32.sg.

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